My Guru name is Swami MantramurtiSaraswati. I have studied, practiced,been trained in and become qualified in the Satyananda tradition of yoga. Assuch, I am a qualified and accredited Satyananda yoga teacher, Level 2.I have taught asana, pranayama, mudra,bandha, meditation and relaxation as part of general ashram classes.I have been a teacher in all of the above as part of the Diploma of SatyanandaYoga Teacher Training courses.I teach both practical and theory classes.I teach specialised courses and workshops in meditation, relaxation, and Shatkarmainterlal cleansing practices.I teach these same classes in the community as a way of giving back to mycommunity. My belief is thatyoga is not just exercise. Yoga can be, and is, a way of living your life.Discovering and achieving your own true potential. Yoga can bring deeprelaxation, calmness and stillness. It can bring flexibility, good health,energy and well being to all aspects of yourself. Physical, mental andspiritual. It can reduce stress and anxiety and the pressure that busy lifestylebrings to your way of being.