Course Category

Presented here is a list of all the regular yoga courses available only to members of Le Yoga. We are committed to providing you with access to yoga courses of the highest quality. Members benefit from a wide choice of yoga courses, all of which are available at different levels of difficulty according to your own level of physical fitness.

Based on your personal experience of doing yoga, Le Yoga is also committed to helping you become a high level  practitioner over a gradual period of time. Our courses cover the practice of both basic and advanced postures. Furthermore, we assure you that these practices, whilst appearing to be separate from one another, are in fact entirely sequential, coordinated and harmonious. Please feel free to call us or consult with our consultants if you require more details on any of the courses available at Le Yoga. 


Le Signature Class (Le Balance, Le Energy)

Le Toning Class (BikramYoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)

Le Posture Class (Iyengar Yoga, Spinal Therapy, Rope Assisted Yoga)

Le Origin Class (Hatha Yoga, Asana Meditation, Yin Yoga)

Le Women Class (Women's Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga)

  • 12:00-13:00 Le Energy 60min
  • Le Energy 60min
  • Le Energy 75min
  • Purifying Flow 90min Purifying Flow is a classic yoga class, which emphasises the Asana downstream at a moderate speed and is flexibly designed and arranged according to the physical fitness and yoga level of those taking the class. This class is suitable for experienced trainees but we suggest you take this class at least three times prior to continuing with the study of basic Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Dynamic Chair 90min
  • Le Balance 1 60min
  • 自由练习 90min
  • Iyengar 1 75min Le Yoga provides classes in the First Stage of basic Iyengar Yoga, suitable for experienced practitioners. The course requires experienced practitioners to carry out mainly sitting, pivoting, bending and hand-standing techniques with the assistance of tools and equipment. Practitioners will seek the real meaning of asana through regular self-study of the laws of its practice. We suggest you to take this First Stage class at least three times prior to attempting to continue the basic study of Iyengar Yoga.