Course Category

Presented here is a list of all the regular yoga courses available only to members of Le Yoga. We are committed to providing you with access to yoga courses of the highest quality. Members benefit from a wide choice of yoga courses, all of which are available at different levels of difficulty according to your own level of physical fitness.

Based on your personal experience of doing yoga, Le Yoga is also committed to helping you become a high level  practitioner over a gradual period of time. Our courses cover the practice of both basic and advanced postures. Furthermore, we assure you that these practices, whilst appearing to be separate from one another, are in fact entirely sequential, coordinated and harmonious. Please feel free to call us or consult with our consultants if you require more details on any of the courses available at Le Yoga. 


Le Signature Class (Le Balance, Le Energy)

Le Toning Class (BikramYoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)

Le Posture Class (Iyengar Yoga, Spinal Therapy, Rope Assisted Yoga)

Le Origin Class (Hatha Yoga, Asana Meditation, Yin Yoga)

Le Women Class (Women's Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga)

  • Yin Yang Yoga 75min In this class, practitioners practice yoga according to the qualities of Yin and Yang. Although the practice of Yang yoga focuses on the development of muscles while Yin Yoga focuses on ligaments, they both cultivate the stability and concentration of breathing. In the Yin yoga class, you will feel energy flow into your body through as a result of maintaining certain postures for long periods of time. In the Yang yoga class, practitioners will experience dynamic meditation through a series of positive actions. Available according to different themes, Yin and Yang yoga classes, suitable for experienced trainees, can focus on anatomy, meridian points, acupuncture, or yoga therapy according to the varying physical condition of practitioners.
  • Asana & Meditation 75min The design of the Asana and Meditation Class lies in 8 branches of Patanjali Yoga. In traditional yoga practice, Asana is regarded as an efficient method of purifying the body. Practitioners are encouraged to practice moderate meditation after Asana. Different from regular yoga practice, which helps develop the depth and maintainance of breathing practices, the combination of Asana and Meditation guides us to a deeper awareness of breathing through relatively stable postures in order to adjust our body and mind to a suitable state of meditation.
  • Yin Yoga 75min Practitioners will carry out many sitting postures and meditation exercises as part of the Yin Yoga Class. The maintenance of long, passive, static postures are the primary goals, allowing for greater connectivity between one’s skeleton and connective tissue. Yin yoga will improve your body’s flexibility and endurance and aid in the release of stress and pressure. Practitioners will carry out Asana in an acceptable and free-willed state. Yin yoga attempts to balance the endurance and emotional changes of practitioners through meditation and breathing practices. The practice of Yin yoga will release one’s stiffness and tension, especially from the pelvic area and ease emotional changes.
  • Yoga Therapy 90min Therapy Yoga is a thematic yoga class, regularly taking a specific theme such as spinal therapy and digestive system therapy.
  • Woman Yoga 75min Specific to the female physical structure, Women’s yoga helps female practitioners to adjust their mental and physical state, ease emotional mood changes, release pressure and regain inner peace. Women’s yoga classes regularly adopt a certain therapeutic theme, such as prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga and exercise during the menstrual period.