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  • A beginners practicing yoga shallow feelings

    Six years ago, I because of a fortuitous opportunity to come into contact with yoga, yoga is at that time to fall in love at first sight, because every time after class, feel very relaxed body, when understanding is: Well, yoga is a good exercise for the body of the project. But because some irresistible factors, I did not continue the practice of yoga, but the hearts of the practice of Yoga idea not fade, so, until last year, has also been inadvertently found Le Yuga, by advisers communication I slowly observation and hall, only to find a feeling of regret we didn't meet sooner and Le Yuga, it can help me to continue the practice of yoga, this looks pretty good.

    The next day, I put the I think sports. With the increasing practice time, my understanding of yoga has made some changes, I gradually discovered yoga to me is not only the physical senses, it is the combination of body, heart, soul, they are mutual connection, inseparable integration. Perhaps it can be said that the further understanding of yoga, I now is: it is scientific, is an art, is a philosophy, it is a subject worthy of our in-depth study. Besides simple, in fact, yoga practice is that we should take of one's own body awareness will it into daily life, let us better responsible for ourselves, for our work, family, life is responsible for.

    The above is I as a beginner on the shallow feelings of practicing yoga, yoga cognitive I still remain in the primary stage, also need to redouble our efforts to learn it.

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