Master Workshops

  • 2016/11.12-17Darby and Joanne's Ashtanga Workshop ‣ Their teaching is dynamic and direct while giving students the essence of the energy of this yoga. Their wisdom and warmth attract a vibrant community of students who are drawn to his humor, their attentive nature and his steadfast commitment to improving each student's physical alignment. ‣ The training course is for both teachers and students. You don’t need not be a teacher, or even desire to be a teacher, to attend. However, participants should have a consistent personal practice of Ashtanga. ‣ Teaching will be in English.
  • Iyengar Yoga 5days 理疗预备課程 Intensive Yoga Course with master teacher Sharat Arora is for the students and yoga teachers who are interested in deepening their practice and exploring Yoga in greater detail. The program comprises: · Discovering more subtle aspects of Yoga Practice · Developing Correct Physical Posture & Mental Attitude · Focusing on bringing balance through breathing - Pranayama · Broad spectrum of Asanas opening blockages in the body and mind · Deepening the understanding of Yoga Philosophy · Energy generating & storing techniques · Correction and Therapy basics · Meditation