Darby & Joanne Ashtanga TTC

Mark Darby is registered withtheYoga Alliance (RYS).At the end of the course, if the student has fulfilled allthe requirementsrequired, he will receive a 200-hour Certificate of yogatraining which isrecognized by the Yoga Alliance of North America.

Darby & Joanne havebeenpracticing Ashtanga Yoga for over 35 years. They began their practice withSriK. Pattabhi Jois, the master of Ashtanga Yoga, in 1979 when they spentfouryears in Mysore, India. They are part of the few teachers worldwide whohaveattained the highest level of Ashtanga Yoga teaching accreditation andarecertified by Pattabhi Jois to teach the original Ashtanga method.

Darby's teaching isdynamic anddirect while giving students the essence of the energy of thisyoga. His wisdomand warmth attract a vibrant community of students who aredrawn to his humor,his attentive nature and his steadfast commitment toimproving each student'sphysical alignment. Darby gives workshops all overEurope, Asia, Canada and theUnited States.

Joanne is a source ofinspirationto many yoga students around the world. For her, yoga goes beyondthe asanapractice...it is a way of life. After so many years of practice, shetrulybelieves in the power, benefits and the transformative effect of theashtanga yoga method.

Aspiringto become a yoga teacher?Lookingto greatly deepenyour understanding of the


This 200 hour teacher training is foranyone who shows genuine interest in learning.



Theinitial emphasis will be to give you the inspiration to takeyour practice to amuch deeper level, and to create an environment that isconducive to learning.

Firstwill be a self-evaluation, making it clear where each studentstands, so as tomake the next step possible to a conscious evolution.

Theprinciples learnt are related to asanas but are alsoapplicable to martial arts.

Breath& Vinyasa: Learning the mechanism of breath and itsaffect on the physical body,on the emotional body, and on the mental body.

Bandhas& postures: Optimizing and understanding bandhas andtheir effects on one’sbody. Bringing this understanding to the various asanaswith a clear purpose ofcirculating the energy flow in the body.

Drishti:Bringing the state of mind that makes yoga atransformative process.

Anatomy:Learning very specific anatomy that goes along with thecourse content. Basicanatomy will be part of the suggested readings.


Esotericanatomy: To understand how this practice operates beyondthe physical body.

Pranayama:Introduction to different pranayama techniques.

Meditation:Bringing a meditative state to all our practices,various approaches will beexplored.

YogicPhilosophy: As the basis or inspiration to your approach


Thesecond aspect of the training will involve gaining theconfidence and developingthe skills that will allow you to transmit your ownexperience through:

-Using words to give concise & progressive verbal instruction

-Adjustments, both safe and clear

- Reading into the postural andenergetic imbalances of thestudents




第一阶段100小时  2017年10月1日-10月14日

第二阶段100小时  2018年5月1日-5月14日



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