Benefits of yoga

The traditional view that the purpose of yoga poses, for the development of physical, mental and spiritual character, has its profound meaning and value, it is not just the pursuit of physical effects of muscles and bones. "Yoga" or "asana" (asana), refers to maintain for a period of time in a comfortable style. Yoga asana usually by some modern twist, stretch, inverted, after bending action, to work the body, from the physiological point of view, these postures stimulate human body massage internal organs, glands, effective to calm a nervous system, because there is a very significant robustness and repairing effect for people body.

Legend has it that the yoga asana is the ancient yogis in Himalaya Range through the observation of animal, plant and objects of the form, to imitate. Legend has it that the Yoga asanas have a total of 80000 of 4000, but the real handed down, often used as a physical practice yoga asana is only dozens of classic. For example: downward dog, sun salutations, cobra type, lotus type etc..

Yoga can help me to get a healthy body?

Regular yoga practice can help people improve a lot of bad habits in daily life, the correction due to daily exertion or bad posture cause deformation of the spinal column, and then improve the whole human body posture, enhance self-confidence; stretch the muscle system, can make the body beautiful lines, enhance the self-healing capacity, prevention of various diseases. Many people think, they need to use the latest fitness equipment or hiring a private coach to achieve fitness effect. Although some trainees really gets its achievements, but there are more people find yoga help is more significant, because yoga is a natural and holistic approach to fitness. The yoga posture is after thousands of years of practice experience of the extract Shaolian body action, can strengthen and extend the limbs of the connective tissue. No matter what your body is soft or stiff, weak or strong, yoga can improve your physical and mental health, and improve the.

Yoga can help me decompression Yangxin?

Yoga practice is usually accompanied by the respiratory guidance and attention, the fact proves, long-term regular science to the practice of yoga can help us improve the overall ability to sleep, improve attention. The mentality of the people in good health. The regular practice of yoga can let the body, mind, soul is more calm and boost the immune system function, can discharge due to stress generated in vivo toxin. There are many students think that yoga is the perfect cure after a hard day at work. Yoga makes us feel healthy, strong and soft at the same time, also help us improve satisfaction and confidence within.

Yoga can help me conditioning detox?

Oxygen is the life source of cells in the body. It can heal our wounds, sterilization, and ensure that all the energy and vitality of living tissue. Yoga exercise can strengthen our blood circulation, blood flow to that is often ignored in the body place, like joints, connective tissue and internal organs etc.. Yoga poses to self massage effect on visceral organs through the push, pull, twist, squeeze, extension and other various postures, in order to strengthen physiological function, regulate endocrine, enhance the ability of the human body The new supersedes the old., can effectively delay the senescence. So, what is the relationship with yoga detox? Almost all of the Yoga course can make you sweat, deep breathing and accelerates heart rhythm (promote blood circulation), and through the torsional and bending posture massage and stimulation of the excretory organs. A regular yoga practice has very big effect that discharge poison.

Men can practice yoga?

Yoga people have such a feeling: nerve completely relaxed, pressure to release, and growth -- so the external and inner change constantly, yoga is beneficial to everyone. In fact, men practicing yoga benefits is also very much. Yoga looks movement speed slow, slow rhythm, the flexibility of the relatively high demands, but the fact that yoga is more emphasized the trick breathing method and let the body into a state of peace. Men without women good flexibility, so at the beginning of the entry does not quickly, but with practice you will find that, because of increasing suppleness, men from yoga benefits may be more, their strength will be better, also can become more peaceful mentality.

Yoga can help me to improve my breath?

The breath of people quality often directly affect our mind and body, when we learn how to control our breathing and relaxation can be found we can our body and mind controlled more effectively. We often speak of "dynamic. We often speak of "dynamic meditation" is a more advanced yoga practice way, let the students no matter is what kind of postures, can through the whole exercise to maintain deep and consistent breathing. Thus, yoga can help us balance state of mind, eliminate faced in daily life pressure.

Yoga can help me lose weight?


Many students said the regular practice of yoga, not particularly hungry, slowly the independent choice of food is more healthy. To the overall health of life, regular yoga practice can help the body to reduce the The new supersedes the old. and want to eat a big meal ideas.


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