Start Le Yoga Journey

Hi, when you initially contact yoga, there may be a lot of questions - the face of a variety of different names of yoga classes, and a variety of yoga teachers from all over the world, in the end what kind of yoga should try to do? Yoga classes on how often it is appropriate? In the end I am the most suitable way of practicing yoga which it?

Le Yoga Tips: You need patience to read the following steps, then you can open your exclusive yoga journey.

First step

If you have never had contact with yoga, you may apply to the Le Yoga professional membership consultant or teacher to seek advice and help. You can (0,105,135 8880/8889) way to learn about our information visit our official website ( and telephone counseling can also visit our Yoga Center seeking a more intuitive and caring professional advice.

Second step

At the beginning, we recommend that you choose to participate in a yoga class base class experience. If you are a first time Le Yoga yoga classes, we recommend that you give 15 minutes into the classroom while the teacher took the initiative to explain you are practicing yoga for the first time, and a brief description of your physical condition. Le Yoga teacher will give you the appropriate safety guide before class. 

After the third step course, if you have on the course of practicing any questions, please take the initiative to consult the teacher for better understanding of the principles of yoga practitioners, practitioners inertia avoid errors that may bring you discomfort. Le Yoga believes that the exchange is necessary after school, and teachers through interactive, you can enjoy a more efficient and secure every yoga practitioners. 

The fourth step yoga should be sustained. After weeks of exercise frequency beginners experienced in the first yoga class, ask your yoga teacher professional advice. Do not over exercise. Le Yoga believes that we should always be yoga classes for your health care, safety and quality of full awareness of practitioners we are advocating. 

The fifth step in the early you start practicing yoga, we invite you to try all kinds of different styles of Le Yoga yoga classes, in order to guide you to find the most suitable way of yoga practitioners. If you have any questions regarding course selection wants to seek private help, Le Yoga professional teachers are always willing for your dedicated service.

Step Six

Practicing yoga asanas not happen overnight. Therefore, when you came into contact with a yoga, Le Yoga hope you can be patient and kindly treat your body, with your degree from a match the capabilities and limitations of starting your yoga journey. Our team of professionals will help you more safely and effectively turn your yoga journey.