Classroom environment

Le Yoga music yoga (Lido branch) enjoy the design of single family villas, a total of 5 layers, respectively on the underground a layer of dressing bathing area, a layer of the reception Rest Area and 4 independent open sunlight yoga the classroom: the two layer is a professional Iyengar yoga (Yoga classroom walls and all kinds of auxiliary tool equipped with yoga international standard), the three layer is the traditional Hatha Yoga the classroom (high spatial design Pick unique), the four layer is a professional hot yoga classroom and private one-on-one classroom.

Our yoga overall environmental design simple fashion, excellent lighting. The entire hall used to warm the heating, so even in the winter in the north, you also need not because of the cold winter and suspend your yoga practice, throughout the year can enjoy warm and professional yoga.

Below are the real shooting, respectively: two layers of professional Iyengar yoga classrooms; the three layer of Hatha Yoga classrooms and four layers of Hot Yoga specialized classroom.